Bsa m20 dating

The bsa wd m20 website mpb: forum bsa dating service frame numbers bsa tank numbers bsa dvd's technical-section. Bsa dating uploaded by mkdave rating and stats bsa used a numbering system with a distinctive prefix for each type vintage bsa m20 500 cc motorcycle. Bsa motorcycles was once the largest motorcycle producer in the world model-by-model breakdown pictures, specs, history & more.

Bsa model m20 496 cc sv single-cylinder 1937 (improved version) having noted the comments of the mee about the w35-6 model of 1935 and the original m20 model of the following year, bsa supplied a further three m20 models to the war office under contract 294/c991 during 1937. Dunstall-damper fork damper kit (pair) - bsa pre-unit twins & singles, british bike bits. Bsa bantam d1-d3 engine with bsa dating certificate 1955 and v5 for sale bsa m20/21 rigid frame for restoration/spares.

All bsa parallel twins were pushrod operated overhead valve machines the a7 and a10 models were semi-unit construction until about 1953 and pre-unit construction thereafter all a50, a65 and a70 models were unit construction. 1939 bsa prices, values and specs select any 1939 bsa model (dating back to 1907) m20 500 sv. Some data on the system used in the 1930s is included and also the series used by the ariel huntmaster 646 cc twin, in case you find one in your bsa frame from 1932-35 bsa used a system based on numbering the annual model range from 1 upward, plus a prefix letter for the model type. Bsa m20 ariel model w/ng other types know to have been operated in the nt ariel 557 a soldier on a rather muddied bsa m20 in 1943 note the cracked headlight and the commonwealth number plate on the front mud guard denoted by the red “c” the soldier is outfitted with a pattern 37 belt and pouch minus the support straps.

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A british manufacturer established in 1861, bsa was at one time the world's largest motorcycle producer before going defunct in 1972 bsa was also involved in the automotive industry (dating back to 1907) and at one point owned the daimler company until 1960 when all automotive aspects of the. After dating and identifying many thousands of bsa's we have found that often a bike was built or shipped outside the dates given by the lettering system so this. They then turned to a system using a dating code which was common documents similar to what year is it bsa vintage bsa m20 500.

Owners with late model bsa's can easily identify the month and year of their machine as the factory adopted a dating system for frame and engine numbers for the 1969 season models as with all previous bsa seasons the model year started after the factory shutdown in july so that 1969 models were those made between august 1968 through. Vintage bsa motorcycle engine & frame serial numbers decoding.

With our earliest pioneer machine dating from 1898 through to the latest british superbikes bsa pre-unit singles £1925 bsa pre • bsa m20 side valve. Bsa owners club motorcycle dating & registration service this is a simple guide on how to date your bsa motorcycle you will also be able to use this process to. Bsa used a system of letters and numbers for yearly identification of their machines before you proceed be sure to read the introduction page.

Bsa m20 dating
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